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Thursday, October 19, 2017


Writing a resume can be quite technical, considering it takes a different format from how you write a CV. Unlike a CV, resumes are very concise and focused on particular aspects of your professional life. In CV writing, you are allowed to use any form, as long as your information is properly articulated. It is not the same for Resume writing. If you are confused as to the difference between a resume and CV, you may read up here 

There are three major types of resumes, they are;
Ø  Chronological
Ø  Functional
Ø  Combination

Before you go ahead to write your resume using any of the types listed above, the first thing you should consider is to format your text to a very legible font style, use a very good font size between 11 and 12. Times New Roman, Arial and Calibri are recommended fonts. For every heading – especially the introductory heading that carries your name and contact – increase the font size to be between 14 & 16. You may thereafter proceed to write with your preferred resume type, having your font formatting in style.

1.       Chronological
A chronological resume is used to help a job seeker display his professional experience along the line of the job. If you have worked consistently in a particular profession for a long time, and you want your prospective employer to see the development you have made, then this is the type you should consider.

·         Write your name and contact address at the top of the resume, using a larger font as earlier mentioned
·         Make a list of your employment history
o   Use a reverse chronological order, listing from most recent job, backwards.
o   Write the name of the company and its address.
o  Add a job description, your title on the job – if any – and add any extra skill you displayed on the job.
o   Add the date of your employment – and end of employment for places you no longer work at – to each company.
o   Under each job that you include, be sure to highlight your successes, achievements, and executions while under it.

·         Education
o Use the same style as employment; list your most recent education first, then backwards.
o   Be sure to include all relevant education.
o   Mention the name of each institution, its location, and your course of study.
o   Remember to input your CGPA for courses with grading.
o   Add the name of the degree you were awarded for each course that you did
o   Include the date which you were awarded. It does not have to be verbose, the year alone would do.
o   If you are still studying the course, add the years you have spent, and indicate you are still studying.
o   If you went to other institutions of learning apart from the orthodox ones, say maybe a training institute, an apprenticeship, add it also, as long as it correlates to your need.
o   Be honest about your qualifications.
·         Skills
o   List any extra skill you have.
o Knowledge of computer, long hours of working without exhaustion, knowledge of multiple languages are skills you may consider.
·         Referees
o   Provide references.
o   Ensure you have contacted your referee before hand.
o   Be certain about the information you provide on your referee.

2.       Functional
A functional resume unlike chronological, does not focus on your job history; it focuses instead on your education and skill. This is especially useful for persons, who may have no job history, have multiple interruptions in their job, or have been focused for a long time on self employment and are considering to be employed.
·         Format your font and input your details at the top.

·         Education
o   Use the same pattern as used in chronological, detailing your institution, qualifications, awards, in reverse chronological order.
·         Achievements
o   Make a list of all your achievements, honours and awards.
o   Mention the date you were offered these awards.
o   Special recognitions, inclusion as an institution scholar, are achievements to be considered.
o   Every recognition is important, regardless that it relates to the job or not.
o   List as many awards as possible, the idea is to take the attention of the employer away from your lack of work experience, and focus it on the other things you can do.
·         Special skills
o   This is different from achievements. This is a list of things you think you can do better than everyone else.
o   Accuracy, teamwork, effective communication, etc are skills to put into consideration.

·         Employment history
o   This is your least powerful area so it comes last.
o   List your work – if any – using the same format as chronological.
o   Since you are trying to focus on your experiences, achievements and potentials, do not forget to include every important experience you gained while working. Did you learn how to communicate in distress while working as a dental assistant? Include it.
·         Other experiences
o   This includes other activities you partake in that might have given you an experience that is valuable to the job.
o   Did you learn how to settle disputes while volunteering? This will be a good addition
o   That you have volunteered at all is a good experience, be sure to include it.
·         References
o   Follow the same guidelines as in chronological form.
o   Include their contact, relationship to you, name, as appropriate.

3.       Combination
A very obvious one from its name, it is a combination of both functional and chronological. You do not have to follow a particular pattern as in either of the earlier two, you may decide to start with work experience first, or academic experiences first.
·         Employment experience.
·         Education.
·         Skills.
·         References.

Use any of the resume type as it fits your need, but remember to have someone edit and proofread it for you. If you ever run into any troubles, or need help writing your resume, contact me on +2348177522712 or theprincelyx@gmail.com


  1. This resume of a thing has always been so hard to learn. Since secondary school, thanks for this simplicity FawX!


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