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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


“Forward your resume to xxxyx@ooomail.com” “Send a copy of your CV to our office at XYA plaza” and you are busy wondering, what is a resume? What is a CV? Are there any differences between a resume and CV? Yes, there are differences between a resume and CV. These differences are not very much but are important nonetheless. I will quickly run through the differences between both, enjoy.

Curriculum vitae, which is the Latin for the course of life is a very important document in your professional life. A CV from its interpretation is an in-depth analysis of every plausible achievement you might have gathered over time. Your CV should contain a high level of detail about everything and anything that you deem fit for your professional career. CVs are built to be static, at least if not forever, for a very long time. CVs may include more details as you add more experiences, but should not be over flooded with unnecessary details in the name of catching every aspect of one’s life.
CVs often times follow a chronological order, but do not have a particular format. You may choose to start your CV with Job experiences and end with a brief summary of yourself. It is your choice.

A resume is a more concise, well-articulated document that contains a brief summary of your professional endeavours. Resumes are often tailored to meet the requirements of job postings and as such do not contain as much wide information as your CV would. Resumes will mainly focus on your qualifications for that particular job posting, meaning you can delete all other things not especially relevant to the particular job.

CVs are longer than resumes, owing to the obvious reason that they contain more information.
The purpose which a resume serves is different from that of a CV. While a CV covers a professional biography of the owner, resumes cover aspects of the owner’s career.
CVs have a fluid form of writing with no internationally specified pattern and may be easily shuffled based on what comes to mind first, or what the writer deems important first. Resumes have styles. Resumes are tailored to Chronological, Functional, or Mixed forms. This means that a resume has a style it has to follow.

The usage of these two also depends on jurisdictions, and what each company needs. Be attentive and have an eagle eye to details, before sending your resume or CV for a job posting. You may also contact the employing body to know what they want specifically so that you do not make mistakes.
Is there anything I forgot to mention? Please mention it in the comment box. If you need someone to help you write your resume or CV, you may contact me via +2348177522712 and/or theprincelyx@gmail.com

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