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Monday, September 18, 2017


“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work,” said Greek philosopher, Aristotle. But what if you don’t have the job?

After attaining certain qualifications from various prestigious Alma Maters, the primary purpose of a graduate – not involved in further studies, or entrepreneurial endeavours and any other activities – in the expansion of their pursuits is to get a job. But has this been easy? A survey in Jan 2006 released by Sahara.com puts the number of unemployed Nigerian youths to an alarming 45%. Regardless that job sea it full of turbulence and tempests, does this stop people from gaining employment? NO!
If you are recently admitted into the labour market and want to get out quickly, here are a few likely tips to push you into the favourable zone above your peers towards getting a job quickly.

1. Declare
Many people make the mistake of assuming other people know they are in need of a job. Post it wherever you can. Inform people. Don’t just go on social media to post pictures of you chilling or vacating, make it known you’re available and in need of Job. Also, job hunt, don’t let the statistics scare you.

2. Connect.
During one of my random reading sessions, I stumbled upon a particular life hack that I have made a code of conduct. It said *not as quoted* be friends with people two or three years ahead of you in your discipline. They will come in handy when you graduate. As much as I do not encourage persons to be hopeful parasites on others, this hack is encouraged. Immediately after graduation start connecting with those older persons in your discipline that you befriended in school. Connect with friends and relatives who may also be of help in this regard. However, do not appear as a bugger or stalker. As much as you may be in a haste to be employed, consider that those other persons have a life totally independent of yours. Subtle reminders here and there, if properly done are likely to work.

3. Use the internet
It is not news that people get job postings, information about openings, through our addictive space, the internet. Either you’ve 10 friends on Facebook or 5,000. 20 twitter followers or 4,000. You can always connect to and with people who can link you to your desired job. Don’t just go on social media to recycle jokes, go and market yourself. You may try using tags on social media that relate to your industry. Also, remember the first rule, declare!
Bring LinkedIn and Email to your side of the bargain. Many people don’t know how to use LinkedIn – I’m still learning too – but there are great opportunities on LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn is a strictly professional, job hunt platform that can boost your chances above that of any other graduate. Speaking of Job Hunt, there are numerous sites that help people source for jobs, all you’ve to do is subscribe to their newsletters and offers with your email address. PushCV is one of such websites. And websites that provide opportunities like this are limitless on the internet. Go hunt!

4. Attend seminars, conferences, summits
I was a witness at OSMD youth summit 2016 in Ibadan, Oyo state, where some participants left with paychecks and some with a promise of. I was not seeking for a full-time occupation, as my presence at the summit was basically for the education. But this could be your opportunity to get your dream job. This, however, does not guarantee a job or paycheck, but it can at least open your eyes to new things, and most importantly, help you connect to new people who may be of importance to your pursuit. Opportunities won’t walk to the corner of your room, job letter in hand.

5. Do not expect magic
Brazilian footballer, Pele said success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Do not expect everything to fall into place immediately. For some things will happen quickly, for some it may take a while. But wherever you find yourself on the divide, persevere, pray if you can, and be optimistic.

I hope these tips were/are/would be helpful to you. There will be subsequent tips on how to be married to an offer when you eventually find one. Do not forget to share this with your friends who may be in need of this information. Your comments are also encouraged. 



  2. This is nice very nice

  3. Adebayo Abdulrahman18 September 2017 at 18:32

    This should really be helpful for those already in the labor Market and those preparing to join.


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