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Monday, September 04, 2017

Pray for BENUE; pay for BENUE.

A friend of mine once mentioned to me that Nigerians should thank God every day that the country is not an orbit of natural disasters, apart from the once-in-a-while flooding incidences that happen to us. Our responses to emergency situations, disasters are a pointer to this. How NEMA responds to emergencies only days after, how federal government issues a ‘sorry for your loss’ message every now and then, instead of tackling situations, cannot be removed from the equation. Unfortunately, the past few weeks have been a very disheartening encounter for Nigerians in the mid-central state of Benue.

Benue, the food basket of the nation, the ninth most populous state in Nigeria, is currently undergoing a rain of natural disaster, owing to a non-stop downpour that pervaded the state, leading to an over flooding of most parts of its cities and townships. Since the flooding incidence started, more than 3,000 houses have been submerged; cars have either been submerged or washed away, with more properties lost. Over 100,000 people in the state are currently displaced with no hope for them anytime soon.

As much as I do not want to do a quantitative comparison of the loss suffered in the state to what is being currently suffered in Texas, I’ll still have to say, that we should not neglect Benue, just because it is Benue. Nigerians have been in the frontline of trending and making viral, awareness on the Texas Hurricane Harvey, what about Benue?

I will bury myself in the words of Anne Frank – one of the survivors of Holocaust – when she said, In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. I believe strongly that regardless of the ‘nonchalant’ stereotype which Nigerians carry, we can always do something. I believe Nigerians will not sit down, relax, and let the over 100,000 displaced people remain displaced. I believe honestly that there’s a bit of humanity left in us, and that we can always volunteer, financially, physically, psychologically to these people. Let us come together to make a change for Benue.


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