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Wednesday, September 06, 2017


; literally, translates to mean ‘fortune favours the bold.’ It is an interesting proverb that has picked my interest over time. Commonly used by soldiers, marksmen and sometimes vigilantes, this saying is a mojo for people who believe that bravery, boldness and fierceness in one’s activities should be the measure of one’s success, on equivalent efforts. And that the cowardly do not deserve a taste of fortune.

Humans by nature of their will in an average setting, fall under three categories;
·         Apathetes
·         Spectators
·         And Gladiators.

We may simply rename them, the Unconcerned, the Cheerleaders, and the Brave, respectively.

Ø  The Unconcerned/Apathetes; are those whose primary aim in life is to loiter. They come to the world ‘wandering’ spirits and do not care what life throws at them. They eat all lemons as it is thrown, and bury the stones hauled at them. It is not their ambition to change the world. They are the ones who would grow up following the 8 – 6 system of waking in the morning, going to school and coming back, going to college and returning, and finally serving the government until retirement. Apathetes are often found living the dreams of others, subconsciously and consciously, because they do not have the will to have dreams of their own. They do not care whose life it is they live, as long as they live at all.

Ø  Spectators; one would almost confuse these ones as being either Apathetes or Gladiators. These bunches are in this world to cheer the rest. It is from their cheers that the best of Gladiators are made, while they could also be the reason most apathetic dwellers will be encouraged to immerse themselves more in the deep pools of apathy. But these spectators by themselves are never found being banner men, standing at the front of the cavalry at times of war, neither do they stay at the back. They live on the fence. Some of them might be lucky enough to fall into the garden of Gladiators, while some merrily fall on the lawn of Apathies. Spectators often times than not live their dreams, but they do so with doubt and fear. They are never too forward in their participation and never relenting. They are not an entirely bad folk, especially if you’re lazy and want to be content with enough when you could summon the will to go for more.

Ø  Gladiators; these are the most important folks. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Graham Bell, Kendrick Duckworth, Jermaine Cole, and a host of remarkable persons belong to this list. They are the ones who defy all odds to achieve their dreams. They do not stop until they have become Victors. They do not only believe that the world needs to be changed, they believe that change actually begins with them. Most gladiators grow up under turbulent waves, but rather than let the waves pull them down, or chant till the waves are calm, they face the waves. Gladiators are humans who have fear, worries and disappointments. Because their will is stronger than their tribulations, they are brave enough to face anything, and they often triumph. But not everyone who sets out to be a gladiator eventually becomes one. Some just end up at the top of the Spectator’s chain.

When the sun goes home to rest and the moon takes it place. When the Sun rises in the morning and sends the moon to slumber, they do not wait for men or seek permission. They just burn 24 hours switching positions, the same way humans burn candles. It is in the middle of these switches that some men have tested their bravery through the intellectual power and physical prowess to go and visit the moon, while someone who is satisfied with the status quo, an apathete, was drinking coffee in office miles below. Unless of course, the fellow had actually set out to sit in that office by his will and not by circumstances that could be challenged, then he would be a gladiator.

There is always a new thing to do or a new way to do old things. This is the belief which guides the activities of Gladiators. Unlike the others, they see challenges as stumbling blocks that should be excavated, and not as stop signs. From every fall, they get stronger and better. They learn and get back to the field.

In the real event of things, this might seem dreamy and almost impossible, but the people who have defied the odds did it in the real event of things. Nobody is born great. Of course, people are born rich, poor, regal, pitiable, beautiful, with deformities, and whatnots. But no man is born great. It takes years of development to achieve greatness. It is the illusion that one’s circumstances of birth have put a permanent veil of inadequacy that keeps most people from trying. And this illusion creates nothing but fear. Few words of advice for the timorous, “People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams because they feel that they don't deserve them, or that they'll be unable to achieve them.” – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist. For how long do you want to keep being afraid? For how long do you want to keep being an Apathete or Spectator? Remember always, fortes fortuna adiuvat.

Take charge and be a gladiator. Battle onwards soldier!

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