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Wednesday, September 06, 2017



She stood before the mirror and examined her naked body. Her hair was short, dyed blond, but wet, she had just come out of the bathroom. She examined her bosoms with her palms, as if to check
which was heavier, before dropping them hurriedly when she noticed it was getting dark outside. She slipped on a short gown
that was long enough to not reveal she had no panties on, but short enough to show the arcs of her hips. It was darker in the room than
it was outside, that was her you’re-getting-late cue; since she didn’t know how to check the time, she lacked every form of basic education. She picked up her purse lying in the embrace of her bed, filled with an assortment of protective rubbers, enough money to take her out, get a bottle of beer, and return her home, if there wasn’t someone to do it. She was soon out of the room, leaving
behind the scraps of decency she had left in her.


“Woo baby, I go satisfy you no be mouth. All this I no dey cum wey you dey talk, no be for here o. I go do you wetin nobody don do you before. Na how much you go collect?” The pub’s switching dim
colours, courtesy of its multicoloured disco bulbs, reflected against the man’s table, but he was almost invincible in uniformity with the darkness himself; for his lousiness, and the green bottle of larger
beer in his hand. She stayed mute, and almost uninterested in the man’s lousiness. Then he leaned closer to her, trying to read her eyes, as if she would hide her answers in them. This is Lagos where everyone had learned to be emotionless, was he just coming?

“5k night if I no cum. 3k if I cum.” She was colder than the bottle of beer in her hand, even though it was just coming out of a freezer which it must’ve been imprisoned in for at least a day.

Emi Sunday! If I hamma you finish, you go still give me change” She didn’t budge as he made his next lousy bluff. “Make I pay 4k no rubba” he said in a tone softer than the low toned jazz coming out
of a speaker lying on the pub’s floor. “You don collect room?” she........

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  1. Is two dollars that is just

    1. Yes. It is just $2 for buyer's outside of Nigeria.

  2. Very nice indeed
    I think I'd buy this

    1. Thanks for thinking so. Will be anticipating your purchase


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